Mask (or Aeon) is an Australian illustrator based in Melbourne. They specialize in digital illustration, colour key art and 2D concept art.QUALIFICATIONS
Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media
Bachelor of Creative Arts (3D Animation)


Dormiveglia (Demo) - Concept Artist and Background Artist

Linktober Ranger and Participant

Everyone Is Here! Collab - Artist
Age of Calamity Zine - Guest Artist
Majora's Masquerade - Guest Artist
Seal the Darkness Zine - Guest Artist
Path of the Goddess Zine 2020 - Contibutor
GanZine2020: The History of Light and Dark - Contributor


Q: What tablet and program do you use?
A: I use the Huion Kamvas Pro 22! As for programs, I use both Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop on the daily.
Q: When are you going to open commissions?
A: Soon! I will update my social media and commissions page whenever I am about to open slots!
Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: Since I was a little kid! I started digital art in 2014 after being gifted my first tablet.
Q: Do you animate?
A: I do! I can animate in both 2D and 3D. At this point in time I consider myself as more of a hobbyist animator.
Q: Do you stream your art/Are you going to stream again?
A: Yes I do stream! My streams can be found on Twitch!
Q: What are your pronouns?
A: I go by She/Her; I am also comfortable with They/Them!
Q: Can I use your art as my profile picture/in a video/etc.?
A: Feel free! Just make sure you credit me in your social media bio or description. Don't take credit for my work either, I WILL find out.
The only pieces I'd ask you not to use are pieces that have been commissioned by others as many of them are personal to the commissioner; if you have their permission then that is fine by me.
Taking my work and using it with the intention to profit off of it e.g. posters, shirts, merch, etc. is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Q: Can I repost your work?
A: With credit IN THE POST (not on a comment made as an afterthought nor a lazy "Credit to the Artist"), yes. I would prefer a retweet or reshare wherever possible, but I understand if you would like to share my piece on a platform I am not on/am very inactive on. Do NOT take credit for the art.


Commission Status: Icon Commissions OPEN; ask me about other commissions

All prices are listed in AUD (Australian dollar). For commissions, questions and other business inquiries you can contact me at [email protected]


Flat Colour Icons$20Standard turnover time - 1 weekOne character per icon; only single colour backgrounds. Max 2 icons per customer

Icons$40Standard turnover time - 1 weekOne character per icon. Max 2 icons per customer

SketchA grayscale character sketch; commissioner can choose whether they would like an extra colour or just monochromeBust - $20
Half body - $30
Full body - $40
Extra Character - +$20
Rough Background (nothing too complex, maybe a few props, clouds, etc.) - $20
Standard turnover time - 1 weekMax 1 sketch per customer

Lined + ColouredA lined, coloured and shaded character piece.Bust - $50
Half body - $60
Full Body - $70
Extra Character - +$40
Complex Background - +$40
Standard turnover time - 2 weeks

PaintingCharacter Focused
Bust - $120
Half Body - $150
Full Body - $200
Extra Character - +$100
Complex Background - +$100
Environment Focused (characters are secondary focus/compliment the environment) - $400More than 5 characters placed in environment + crowds - +$100Standard turnover time - 1 month (to be discussed)

To be added at a later point-Reference Sheets
-Emotes/Animated Emotes
-Animated Icons


I WILL DO-Fanart
-OCs (Original Characters) and FCs (Fan Characters)
-Furry + Anthro
-Mecha; complex designs will be simplified

I WON'T DO-NSFW, including gore, fetish, etc.
-Hate art
-Very complex mecha + vehicles

I. Timeline and Scope of Work• The artist will submit a sketch before proceeding with the final commissioned piece.
• Once the sketch has been approved, major changes to the design will not be allowed, e.g., changes to pose, expression, etc.
• Specific turnover times for different types of commissions, e.g., icon, painting, etc. will be listed on their respective information document/sheet; for more complex work the artist will discuss this with the commissioner.
II. Payment & Refunds• Payment is through PayPal only, all prices are listed in AUD.
• The artist requires the full payment before starting the commission. For painting commissions, the commissioner will be given the option to pay the full fee upfront or pay 50% of the full price before the sketch and the other 50% before receiving the final commissioned artwork.
• A refund will not be given after the approved sketch or completed commission.
• Commissioners will be able to request a refund before the sketch is approved if no progress has been made.
III. Revisions• Only three (3) minor revisions to the piece will be allowed.
• Succeeding revisions will not be entertained.
• Revisions after the final commissioned piece will not be granted.
IV. Copyright and ReproductionThe artist reserves the right to:
• Include the commissioned work in portfolios, online profiles/pages, commission sheets, etc.
• Reproduce the artwork for merchandise such as prints, t-shirts, etc. without an agreement or contract depending on the nature of the commission, e.g., fanart, original work, etc.
• Modify, edit, and repurpose the commissioned piece.
• Claim the commissioned piece as their own work.
The commissioner and other parties may not:
• Include the commissioned work in portfolios, commission sheets, etc.
• Reproduce the artwork for merchandise such as prints, t-shirts, etc. without an agreement or contract.
• Modify, edit and repurpose the commissioned piece.
• Claim the commissioned piece as their own work.
• Post the commissioned piece online WITHOUT proper credits to the artist [artist site/profile].
• Tokenize or mint the commissioned artwork to sell on the NFT market.
This artwork is for PERSONAL USE only. Reproduction of this artwork without proper permission or any evidence that the artwork was used for commercial purposes will be in violation of the Australian Copyright Act 1968. The artist retains all rights to the artwork(s).